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Ramsey Winch Remote Control

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

Ramsey Wireless Remote Control

Remote Part #'s
Ramsey: 251200
Warn: 251201
Superwinch: 251202
How cool is this? WAY cool! How many times have you been in a situation where you had left your wired remote buried in your toolbox in the back of your truck and you needed to winch...NOW? It's happened to me plenty of times. In addition, there have been plenty of times when I would have liked to be able to operate the winch from further away than 12 feet.

Remote controls for winches have been tried before but with little success. Ramsey has done a lot of testing on their new remote and has come up with a great product that's easy to use and very easy to install. The bonus is that Ramsey makes remotes to work not only with any of their own winches but also with Warns and Superwinches! There are also models to work on ATV winches.

When doing this installation, be sure to unhook your battery cables for safety. When winching, please do it safely and remember that winch cables can break and become deadly projectiles. Put a coat or bag of sand over the winch line to help it fall to the ground in the event of a line failure and keep spectators out of the way.

Installation Notes
Ramsey Platinum 9000
Everything you need to install the remote is included. Installation is a snap. Find a home for the antenna and receiver and hook them together. Then run the cable from the receiver to the winch. Easy!
Ramsey Platinum 9000
The remote has simple controls for IN and OUT. The On/Off switch has to be held for a couple seconds to activate the remote, which is a good safety feature.
Ramsey Platinum 9000
The receiver is a small and lightweight unit. An RCA connector on one end attaches to the end of the antenna wire. Then the other connector attaches to the cable going to the winch itself.
Ramsey Platinum 9000
Finding a home for the receiver was the toughest part, as the instructions call for it to be mounted as you see here, with the wires coming out the bottom. This is the only available spot we had.
Ramsey Platinum 9000
Can you find the antenna? Ramsey recommends mounting it outside the vehicle but we wanted to see how it would fare under the hood. It's actually sitting next to and below our ARB Air Compressor! The ABS tray was a perfect spot for the magnetic antenna to sit on so we figured we'd try it out.
Ramsey Platinum 9000
Once you have all of the parts mounted and you run the wire to the remote in place of the wired remote (you cannot hook up both at one time), you can hook your battery back up. Then, it's time to make sure everything works in the driveway before heading out to the trails for the real tests.


TESTING...TESTING...1...2...3... ---->>>>


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