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Ramsey Bad Boy Winches

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

The Bad Boy Has Cool Accessories
It really does! Here's an overview:

Hooks and Fairleads...Oh My!
Ramsey Platinum 9000
The standard hook from our Platinum 9000 (right) looked downright puny compared to the massive, locking hook that comes with the Bad Boy.
Ramsey Platinum 9000
The Bad Boy's roller fairlead (top) is much larger than the Platinum's. It's not so obvious in this photo, but it is MUCH larger.


Wired Remote and Recovery
Ramsey Platinum 9000
The wired remote is a far cry from the remotes of old. This thing looks straight out of a factory automation setup. It looks cool and is deceptively light.
Ramsey Platinum 9000
Hook 'em! Once again, the Bad Boy comes with a massive, locking hook (left). It also includes a killer snatch block. It's big and easier to use than others we've tried.


Remotely Possible
Ramsey Platinum 9000
Oh yeah, did we mention the remote control? The kit includes everything you need to get set up.
Ramsey Platinum 9000
The included alarm-like key fob can be carried with you or kept in the glove box.




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