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Ramsey Bad Boy Winches

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

Line Speeds (fpm)*
NO Load 35.4
2,000 16.7
4,000 12.7
6,000 10.6
8,000 9.0
9,500 7.8
What's the Difference?
So what makes the Bad Boy 9500 different from its Platinum 9500 brother? The most obvious things are the colors and accessories. We'll come back to them, though. There are a few more additional changes that include:

  • The motor and solenoids now ground directly to the battery, whereas previous models grounded under the winch mount itself.
  • The shifter knob has been relocated for easier use.
  • The drum itself is different. We'll come back to this, as well.
  • The internal drum bushings and drum-to-output carrier connections have been improved. The output carrier is thicker with more surface area.
  • 80 foot EIP (Extra Improved Plow) cable. The cable itself is different than previous models. This cable has more strands and is more flexible than before.
Platinum 9000
Bad Boy 9500
Ramsey Platinum 9000
Our Platinum 9000 got some serious use over the last two years. It's 150 feet of rope had been used and abused without fail, proving to be 100% reliable.
Ramsey Platinum 9000
The Bad Boy 9500 continues the reliable heritage of the Platinum series, with design improvements, but only 80 feet of rope.
Ramsey Platinum 9000
The old drum had a spool end on it. We always felt this was a tragic flaw of the Platinum series winches. Under extreme side-pulls the cable could bunch up on one side of the winch and get caught in this edge. The rusted edge shows where this has happened in the past.
Ramsey Bad Boy 9500
The new design has a flush-mounted drum so there is nowhere for the cable to get caught up. In addition, because the rope is only 80 feet long, it won't stack up as much during side-pulls and get caught under the "bridge" as is evidenced by the rope scratches in the Platinum photo.




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* Line speeds in feet per minute (fpm). Speeds are from Ramsey's published data.

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