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Runck Equipment Tire Carrier

By Chad Adams

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Runck BumperRunck Schmunk!
Over the past few years, I have noticed a trend in the Jeep community.  Lifts are getting bigger, axles are getting stronger, and tires are getting larger.  With all those modifications, one thing is for sure… Jeeps are getting heavier… and when things get heavy, parts have to be stronger than ever before.  Such is the case when it comes to tire carriers.  With many wheel and tire combinations exceeding 100+ lbs., tire carrier manufacturers have to fabricate with abuse and use in mind.  When it comes to hanging a huge chunk of traction off of the back of your Jeep, the choices are few, and the costs are plentiful.  

Recently, I upgraded my Jeep to bigger axles.  Upon doing so, I decided to go with the 38”x12.50-15 Super Swamper TSL/SX.  At first, I was ecstatic to get up to “big boy” tires, but then the realization soon set in that my current tire carrier (name withheld to protect the innocent) was inadequate for carrying the weight of a tire larger than my old 35” BFG Mud-Terrain.  Sadly enough, I knew I was going to have to ante up some more of my precious green to buy a heavier duty tire carrier.

My pursuit began.  I started with the normal companies and finally came to rest with a guy who was actually local to me and had a first-class price on an outstanding setup. I gave Ben Smith, Owner and Operator of Runck Equipment a call. 

Most tire carrier manufacturers have a price for the bumper, a price for the tire carrier, another price if you want the 3rd brake light, and so on.  Not Runck Equipment.  Runck Equipment has been doing business in the 4x4 community for well over 35 years.  They manufacture great products for Jeep vehicles, including CJ's, YJ's, and TJ's. Tried and tested, Runck Equipment has always relied on their products to perform well on their personal vehicles since 1966, only making modifications to a product when (and if) an Achilles' heel is found.   

What You Get
When you obtain their bumper, you get it all; license plate bracket, CB antenna mount, 3rd brake light housing and arm, and all the hardware you need to carry out the install.  They do sell an add-on 2” receiver, which you won’t see in the pictures, but is on its way to me as I write.  Runck felt that not all people wanted the 2” receiver, so they made it an add-on accessory to help keep the costs down for those who didn’t require it.

Features Features Features
Lets run down the list of features for this puppy… it is quite impressive.

First off - material.  The bumper is constructed of  3/16” wall tubing.  Runck Equipment advertises the carrier of as being able to manage a 38” tire.  I think it can handle more, but I haven't tried it.  My 38" TSL/SX tires mounted on the AR-767 wheels  weigh around 100 pounds a piece.  I personally weigh in at just shy of 200 pounds (198 to be exact), so I decided to do a little product test of my own (don't try this at home, kids).  I propped myself up on the end of the tire carrier and it held me with no problem.  In fact, it didn’t even seem like it gave that much.  I know, you are saying that it isn’t very impressive, but it is, considering the tire carrier swing arm was in the OPEN position, with no other support to hold it up.

Runck BumperReinforcement Brackets - The next thing that really grabbed my attention was the reinforcement brackets.  Again, refer to my statement above on the fact that it held me up.  The reinforcement brackets not only help support the vehicle to bumper relationship  when you are pulling on the 2” receiver (optional equipment) in a tow or mud-hole extraction attempt, but additional support is given by Runck designing a bracket that goes over top of the rear cross member and attaches to the frame. See picture below for a shot of the bracket in place, coming over top of the factory, rear cross member. Very stout stuff. I don't know of another carrier manufacturer that offers this second and very important bracket setup.


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