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Powertrax No Slip for Dana 30

By Chris Shontz
Trail Photos By Greg Hiens

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Rear Locker Re-Cap
Over a year has passed since we installed a Powertrax No-Slip in the rear axle of our 1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I've received many emails from our readers inquiring about the long-term performance of this popular new locker. Before I delve into the installation of the new front locker, I'd like to share my answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the Dana 35 model.

  • How is the rear locker holding up?
    I've uninstalled the Powertrax No-Slip three times since it was initially installed over a year ago. There is no noticable wear and the unit continues to function as it was intended.
  • What is my long-term opinion of the rear locker?
    I still feel the Powertrax No-Slip offers more bang per buck than most of the other lockers available today. It is not invisible on pavement, but it is relatively well-mannered and very tolerable. It is an excellent choice for the avid four-wheeler who might not be able to afford the high-cost alternatives for his or her daily driver. I am very happy with it, and I have abandoned the idea of eventually replacing it with another model.
  • How does the vehicle handle in the snow or ice with the rear locker?
    In the little snow or ice that I've encountered, the locker has been tolerable. I have noticed some difficulty going from stop to go on a slick patch of ice. The locked axle will tend to wander, however, any automatic or full-time locker is going to contribute to "loss of control" in slippery conditions. Your experiences may vary.
  • Have I broken an axle shaft with the rear locker installed?
    No. I've limited myself to 32" tires for such reasons. I do not plan on upgrading.

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