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You break it, we bought it.

That's Bulletproof Manufacturing's slogan. You have to be pretty darned confident in your product to make a guarantee like that, and they are. When you see a Force Field bumper in person, there's no mistaking that this is the finest-built bumper around.

Everything Bulletproof makes can be custom-configured. We chose to go all-out on our rear bumper package, and ordered it with shackles, D-rings, 2" hitch, swing-out tire rack, 2 jerry can mounts, Hi-Lift jack mount, and CB antenna mount. Also, coming very soon is their Ricochet Rack which will mount over the spare tire.

Word is getting out quickly on Bulletproof. They are perfectionists and it shows in the details. On the bumper itself, it's almost impossible to even find the welds. Bumper construction is 2" x 5" rectangle tubing with a 3/16" wall. The end caps are entirely welded, ground flush and completely sealed.

All hardware is included and existing holes in frame are utilized, so there is no drilling to be done. It's a completely bolt-on deal.

The bumper and tire rack showed up in a box, completely assembled! The D-Rings and bolts were all that were needed to be installed.


The tire rack is very unique for several reasons. First, the hinge itself uses a Nylatron bushing, instead of ball or roller bearings, so it never needs lubrication, is corrosion-free, and resists dirt, water, and crud from getting in. It also has a setting to keep it locked in the open position if you like. Secondly, the latch itself is beefier than other racks we've seen. Third, the rack will accept two jerry cans and a Hi-Lift, instead of either two cans or one can with a Hi-Lift jack. Nice if you plan on going way out there.

The spare tire mount itself is adjustable, depending on your tire and rim size and is telescoping. If you don't have the jerry cans on, it will also tuck the spare tire closer in to the tub, which is nice for departure angles.

RackThe jerry can mounts are great, too. Most racks use a tray to hold the can. So, if you don't have the can on, you have an empty tray, which to us, looks silly. The Bulletproof setup requires you to use cans with a lip on the bottom, like a Blitz brand can. That lip sits on the rack's bracket and then an adjustable clamp holds the can from the top. The clamp also has a hole for a padlock to go through.

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