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Back in December of 1998, we installed the rear Bulletproof Force Field bumper and tire rack. Since then, we've upgraded the rear to include the Ricochet Rack and have also added the front bumper and tow bar.

By, Mike "TXJEEPER" Scott

HeldoradoBulletproof Manufacturing has a slogan, which reads, "You break it, we bought it" so we decided to put their stuff to the test! We loaded every option we had up on the Project TJ (other than the tow bar) and headed out to Lower Heldorado, one of Moab's heaviest hardcore trails, to see how much abuse these bumpers would take.

BumperThe rear end was loaded up with a BFG 33x12x15" Mud Terrain on an 10" steel rim, two d-ring shackles, two jerry cans, both with 4 gallons of gas in each, a Hi-Lift jack, the Ricochet Rack, a cooler, and our camera equipment. That's a lot of gear!

The front bumper setup had two d-ring shackles, a Ramsey winch, and an airtank.

HeldoradoWe actually tried to bust up the bumpers, if you want to know the truth of the matter. When someone makes a claim that they have a product that's built tough, we like to find out if they mean it or if it's just a bunch of hot air.

We rammed the bumpers into Volkswagon-sized boulders, slammed them down off of rock ledges, and even leaned our Jeep over on it's side on the rack, all in the name of good, honest, rockcrawling and product testing. Yes, you read that right. At one point, during the trail, the TJ went over on it's side and was supported by nothing other then the top of the Ricochet Rack. It was quite impressive, indeed. We slowly drove out and with proper throttle and steering, got out of the predicament with very minor quarter panel damage, a bent license plate holder, and nothing more than a little bit of powder coat scratched off of the rack! Nothing that a little spray paint couldn't fix!

HeldoradoSo the bottom line of all this, was that after hardcore testing, and now, also, long-term testing, the Bulletproof bumpers have passed our tests for ease of installation, functionality, and durability. There are also many ways you can set up the systems. For example, we don't always use our Richochet Rack unless we are traveling far from home. We also don't always carry jerry cans, so we have a "stubby" tire mount that tucks the spare in closer to the tub. All the options are quick and easy to do, as well.

2 TJ's

We ran around Moab with our good friend, Eric Hanson. His red TJ also has Bulletproof bumpers front and rear. Notice, he does not run jerry cans or the Ricochet Rack in the rear. Eric's tire could be tucked even further in toward the body if he had the stubby tire mount.

2 TJ's

The front setup can accomodate up to four off-road lights. Eric and I both just run two each. The bumpers have tabs pre-welded for all four.

2 TJ's

Again, notice how the rears are the same bumpers and swing-outs, but can run with or without the jerry cans or Ricochet Rack.

2 TJ's

The Ricochet rack is height adjustable and will accomodate up to a 35" tire.

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