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York Air Install for Jeep TJ-Part 2

Last month, we discussed air compressor choices and how many advantages a York compressor has in a Jeep. We also talked about finding a York and how to set up a basic system. This month will cover installing the York with a bracket kit from Kilby Enterprises, as well as how to build the rest of your system to use the York to its maximum potential.

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Installing the Compressor Using a Kilby Enterprises Kit

So you have your working York, and are ready to install it into your TJ. First, realize, you can't do this without removing the stock air intake box. There happens to be more than one benefit to this modification, and you can find out how to do it right here on Rockcrawler by clicking here.

Secondly, you might need to cut your passenger side fender. Some have reported not having to do this, but you should assume you will have to. If you have a body lift, you will definitely need to. This should not concern you, it can be done with a cutoff tool and cleaned up with some matching paint. If you do have a body lift, consider buying raised motor mounts from Currie or another vendor.

After getting the York in place with the Kilby bracket (instructions below), you can begin to trim the fender and eat away at it until you have a hole big enough when the York is bolted tight. If you don't trim enough metal, the York will vibrate against the fender, which is really annoying. Remember, DON'T bracket your York to the fender and the engine, the engine rotates a bit under torque, and this will tear your fender most likely.

I first installed my York with a homemade bracket. My donor Volvo gave up a very stout 1/4" bracket of steel, which only needed a bit of grinding and welding to turn into a nice York mount. It worked fine for a year, but I never managed to completely eliminate vibrations. That is when I turned to Brad Kilby, who manufactures and sells mounting kits for York compressors. Kits are available for many short wheelbase Jeeps, with or without A/C.

The complete Kilby kit as shipped.The kit arrived quickly, and well-packed with each part was sealed in its own mylar-type bag. Very impressive! All hardware and instructions were provided, and the instructions were absolutely the best I have seen from any vendor. The bracket parts are made from 3/16" and 1/4" steel, MIG welded and Zinc plated for rust and corrosion protection.



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