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Urban Design & Fab. Bumper Buddy

By Mike Cohn "TXJEEPER"

Sometimes, something very simple comes along that catches our eye. Recently, we discovered Urban Design & Fabrication, Inc.'s Bumper Buddy. Designed to fit into any Class III hitch, the Bumper Buddy, quite simply, does two things: First, it acts as a step to help you get up to higher areas on your truck. Secondly, it helps protect your expensive rear bumper. It makes for a nice extension when parallel parking that behemoth tow rig! Installation is a snap. The Bumper Buddy is available at www.urbandf.com for about $34.95.

The Bumper Buddy is made of heavy steel and the craftsmanship is wonderful.

The welding is top-notch and the top is coated with a grippy material so you don't slip off.

The Bumper Buddy sticks out far enough to protect that expensive, stock bumper. The Bumper Buddy is also available in chrome.

Even though the bumper itself is a step, the plastic on top can be slippery. The Bumper Buddy makes getting to the roof easier and safer.

Urban Design & Fabrication, Inc.
(970) 245-5686
P.O. Box 10318
Torrance, CA 90505
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