Turbo City Billet Soft Top Bow Ends
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By, Mike Cohn "TXJEEPER"

Turbo City - Billet Soft Top Bow Ends

Sad, stock bow ends
Our sad little OEM bow ends before Turbo City

Oh! The rattling! The banging! What is it? It took me a while to figure out where the noise was coming from. My Jeep TJ wasn't but about two years old at the time.I realized that the stock Jeep top bows were hitting the inside, top of my body tub every time I hit a bump. Solution? Turn the radio up! Everyone knows a loud radio can fix almost any mechanical failure.

Besides, like most Jeep owners, this wasn't the only thing on my Jeep that rattled: Hi-Lift jack, swaybar disconnects, tools and parts in the back...you get the idea. When I turn a corner and hit a bump, parents grab their kids and run inside and THEN look to see what the noise was.

Scratches and dings!
These three photos showed how our stock top got so bad that it would hit the top of the tub, causing scratches and dings and dents...Oh my!

I put up with the rattling for a couple more years. I've had my TJ now for four years and the top bows have gotten much worse. So bad, in fact, that when I put the top down, the bow would hit the tub dead on and has scarred the tub's paint and the bow's, too. The thing has gotten downright rickety, at best.

I figured it was time to give in and give Turbo City a call. Turbo City came on very early in the game with their billet aluminum soft top bow ends and are one of the only manufacturers that make them.

They've been out for several years now, but it seems that only now are people realizing how poor the OEM bow ends are.

The TJ has four bow ends; two per side. One set (the one that leads to the back of the Jeep) is bigger and fatter than the other. To replace all four bow ends, you will need to buy one set #560-200 (center) and one set#560-201 (rear). Each set goes for about $50, bringing your project cost to about $100.

Installation is pretty straight-forward, with just a few caveats, and can be done in about an hour or less.

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Turbo City
Phone: (714) 639-4933
Email: TurboCty@Sprynet.Com
1137 West Katella Avenue
Orange, CA 92867


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