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LockHere's a new product that was of particular interest to us here at Rockcrawler. The Tuffy rear cargo security lockbox is a great solution for those of us who like to carry around half of our garage with us on the trails and half of our office when in town. Like any Tuffy product, it is made out of 16 gauge steel and this box comes with two tubular style locks, providing the best security for your valuables. And, of course, protection for you from projectiles on those rough trails!

Rear-OpenMeasuring 30"L x 35 1/4"W x 16"H, the box takes up virtually the entire cargo area of your CJ, YJ, or TJ. So, if you're carting the kids around, this may cause a problem, as you'll have to say goodbye to that back seat. However, Tuffy does make a TJ Security Storage trunk for you folks that goes behind the back seat.

Installation of the box was easy and straight-forward and took us less than an hour to do. The entire operation can be done with the basic tools you probably already own as a Jeep owner.


The first step to install the box is to remove your beloved back seat and hide-a-trunk if you have one. Perhaps you needed more seating in your living room, anyway!


We found that if we left the tie-downs on the floor, the box would not mount flat, so we grabbed a hammer and a punch and pounded at the centers of the rivets.


Once the rivets were popped through, we then drilled out the centers to loosen the tie-downs for removal.


Foam tape is provided to line any of the contact edges on the lid and the fold-down front.


Each side of the box has a gas shock to support the lid while open.

Right Side

The box mounts very nicely in the rear and is level with the sides of the tub. If you have a deck/tonneau cover you can still use it and completely conceal the box.

NOTES: Once the back seat is removed, all seat and seatbelt hardware must also be removed in order for the box to fit. The box comes with a bag full of bolts and washers, which are to be used for mounting the box to the floor. The instructions show a template for mounting the box and where possible bolt locations can be. We used three of the pre-drilled holes in the box, which lined up perfectly with existing holes in our TJ's floor. With the 19 gallon gas tank, we could not use the suggested extra holes in the rear of the box, as it would go through the tank! However, using the three bolts we put in, the box is extremely secure and tight on the floor.

One other thing worthy of noting is that with the soft top rolled down, it is impossible to open the box, as it blocks it from opening. The top must be lifted a few inches to open the box. A minor inconvenience, but worthy of mentioning.

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