Metric to Standard Tire Converter

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As wheel sizes go up, more and more off-road tires are coming in Metric sizes. How do you figure out how big a tire is in good old fashioned standard US measurements? Now it's easy! Just plug in the size in the form below to convert it.

You're welcome!

Enter Metric Tire Size / R
Example: 245/75R16


<% If Request.QueryString("PSize") <> "" Then %> <% Dim PSize, Ratio, RimSize, OD, SectionWidth PSize = Request.QueryString("PSize") Ratio = Request.QueryString("Ratio") RimSize = Request.QueryString("RimSize") OD = ((PSize * (Ratio/100) * 2) / 25.4) + RimSize SectionWidth = (PSize/25.4) %>

Your Metric Size of <%=Request.QueryString("PSize")%>/<%=Request.QueryString("Ratio")%> R <%=Request.QueryString("RimSize")%> =

Outer Diameter: <% =Left(OD,5) %> "
Section Width: <% =Left(SectionWidth,5) %> "
Rim Size: <%=RimSize%>"

<% End If %>
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