Superlift 4" Rock Runner Suspension

By Cole Ford

The Coolest Suspension (article) Ever!

The "Cross Trainer" Tells You What You Really Want and Need to Know!

Project Cross TrainerI'm not going to tell you guys how I bolted my suspension on and drove it up a rock to take a picture. You should expect more from me and this project. If you want to know how to install the suspension, the instructions that come with the kit should do you just fine. The suspension actually came with a very handy step-by-step checklist to make sure you do it right.. So, hang with me here as we test and review the "Superlift 4 inch Rockrunner TJ Suspension System".

"Image is Nothing..."
Admit it! We are guys and gals with Jeeps, we buy stuff just cause it looks or sounds cool. There are about a billion suspensions out there for the Jeep TJ. Every story I have heard or read seems to focus primarily on trail flex and a short "here is how we installed it" section. I am going to assume a few things here. First, that if you have a TJ, you are either a) like me and this is Jeep #8 and you have the technical knowledge to do the install or b) since you can afford a new TJ you may also be able to afford to pay the shop to install the lift. These first assumptions mean that I do not have to write a step-by-step on how to install it. Right? Right!

Superlift Rockrunner
Six boxes of fun!

The second assumption is that most of us TJ owners use the vehicle as our daily drivers. This means that the Jeep spends at least 5 out of 7 days a week on the road. However, we do want the most capable Jeep we can get for those other 2 days of the week. So, let us forget about the image created by the marketing guys at "XYZ" suspension systems and focus on what really matters in a Jeep suspension.

Why Superlift?
To tell you the truth, I am not totally sure myself. I think it is what one of the guys at Superlift said to me last year in Moab at the Easter Jeep Safari. I asked him several questions about suspension design and engineering. One of the things that he told me in that conversation was that the first design priority was to make it handle good on the street where most of the driving time is spent. Once that's dialed in, then they tweak the design until it work wells off road too. Because of the goal of Project Cross Trainer to be the best all-around commuter/trail rig that it could be, this sounded like the way to go.


What do you get?
One of the most important things to know when you order any product is: "What do I get?"
There are two basic ways to order the Superlift four inch kit.

4" Suspension Kit

· New front and rear springs
· New front and rear sway bar links
· New front and rear shocks with cool yellow boots
· Bump stop extensions
· Rear track bar relocation bracket
· Eccentric cam bolts for adjusting rear pinion angle
· Dropped Pitman arm
· Front limiting straps (mine did not come with these since I went with the Rockrunner upgrade)
· Transfer case drop kit (look for the JB Conversions slip yoke eliminator and Tom Wood driveshaft review coming soon!)
· New bolts for most of the parts.

Rockrunner Upgrade
Control Arms Twist
Control Arms Twist

· The Rockrunner upgrade consisted of new upper and lower control arms front and rear. The new control arms pivot in the middle to allow for more articulation and less binding of the suspension. Download the video to see how and where the control arms pivot. They are also fitted with grease zerks to keep them operating smoothly.
· Front and rear sway bar disconnects. These are the easiest disconnects I have ever used. They have a giant screw-together design that makes them very simple to use. Much easier than the pin design I had on my last lift. Being able to disconnect both sway bars made for a bit more flex. They come with Nylon straps that hold them up out of the way while disconnected.
· Front steering stabilizer.
· Adjustable track bars (not on the Jeep yet. Look for a review of these in the future)

The Game Plan!
I am going to cover two main topics here. The first is how the suspension handles on and off-road. We are actually going to put the Jeep through a series of closed-course testing procedures that should give us a feel for its on and off-road handling characteristics. In the second part we will cover everything that needs to be done to lift a Jeep right! Hopefully, by the time you are done with this I will have covered everything you need and want to know.

The Install --->>>

Cole Ford

Cole Ford is a staff writer for ROCKCRAWLER.com and owner of our Project Cross Trainer. Cole resides in Littleton, CO.

Contact Ford at xtremjeepn@rockcrawler.com


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