Step2 Rugged Roll Work Seat

By Michael Cohn

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Step2 Rugged Roll Work Seat
No assembly required!

I'm six feet tall and hate bending over, due to a bad back and stiff knee joints. I'm also overweight and out of shape and generally kind of lazy. OK, maybe I'm just getting older. But now that I've hit 40 the appeal of laying on the dirty shop floor or kneeling to work on a vehicle is getting old. I've been meaning to get some sort of rolling shop seat but haven't gotten around to it.

One day recently, I got a new product release from The Step2 Company about their new Rugged Roll Work Seat. I read it quickly and thought, "sure, I'd like to check this out" and got one shipped out for review.

So you might be wondering why Step2, a company famous for their outdoor play toys, like the Crabbie Sandbox and the Toddle Tune Coupe would make a product for us guys working in the shop? Well, the answers are simple. First of all, why not? Secondly, if they can make toys that a bunch of crazy kids can't destroy, certainly they can blow mold some plastic that a weekend warrior can't hurt. Besides, the double-wall poly is chemical-resistant and washes up easily so even a slob can keep it in good shape.

The Rugged Roll Work Seat has turned out to be pretty handy. It's light weight, it has a nice storage tray in the bottom to hold all the tools and sockets and stuff that I'm using (so I don't roll over them or they don't roll away), has a top-side compartment to hold any hardware needed for the project, and, of course, has a spot to park my 16 oz. can of NOS to keep me working all day.

Step2 Rugged Roll Work Seat
Decals were optional, but we used them because everyone knows that stickers make you faster!
Step2 Rugged Roll Work Seat
Nothing wrong with a little comfort while you're
working on a vehicle.

While real (and steering) rubber tires would be way cool on this thing, we're sure it would greatly raise the cost from the very-affordable $34.99 price point. Once you set your duff on the seat, the weight keeps the plastic wheels planted pretty well, anyway - even on the smooth concrete floor of our shop. I'm sure some of our readers will end up customizing theirs anyway. (send us pics).

The Rugged Roll Work Seat from Step2 is a useful and fun addition to the shop and one I'm positive will get used (and talked about) quite a bit. While I do wish it sat about an inch taller than it does to alleviate belly scrunches, it's still comfortable for most jobs. Besides, you can't spend all your time sitting on a nice, clean seat or nobody will believe you actually did any work on your rig yourself!

You can order a Rugged Roll Work Seat (part # 585400) directly from Step2 or at your local dealer.

One last thing to note that may surprise you that I think is worth noting - it's Made in USA! Very hard to believe these days so a big thank you goes out from me, personally, to you Step2.



The Step2 Company, LLC
10010 Aurora-Hudson Road
Streetsboro, Ohio 44241
(800) 347-8372 (M-F, 8-5 ET)


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