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Skid Row TJ Control Arm Skids

By Cole Ford
Skid Row control arm skid plates

OK, let's face it; most of us do not put skid plates on the top of our Jeep to-do list. We focus on the things that will get us out on the trail. Lifts, lockers, winches, etc.. The problem is when you want your new TJ to get you back off of the trail every time.

Skid Row Automotive knows that the critical components of your rig need protection from the trail. For many Jeep owners, it could be very hard to drive to work Monday morning after destroying a lower control arm bracket on Sunday afternoon. The skid plates run right around $110 a set and is great insurance against bent brackets or destroyed, costly control arms.

Skid Row now makes a line of bolt-on skid plates for the lower control arms of Jeep TJ, XJ and ZJ models. What is really neat about these heavy gauge skid plates is that they bolt right on, using Grade 5 U-bolts. Not all of us have the skills or desire to weld anything to our shiny new Jeeps. These skid plates are great for the guy that just leased his first Jeep and does not want to weld anything to it. Of course, he will soon feel the addiction and then the sky is the limit!

Stock control arm
Stock control arm
Skid Row Control Arm Skid Plate
Skid Row control arm skid installed

We could have installed these life saving devices right in our driveway in about 15 minutes. But, it was easier to take all the pictures with the Jeep up in the air. The install took 15 minutes and one wrench.

1. Remove the lower control arm bolt
2. Locate the skid plate and re-inert the bolt. Leave the nut a little loose until everything is in place
3. Put the two u-bolts over the axle tube and through the skid plate. Again, plate the nuts on loosely
4. Tighten the control arm bolt and then go around and tighten each u-bolt nut in a rotating pattern until everything is tight.
5. Repeat for other side.
6. If you choose to, grind off the ends of the u-bolts to increase ground clearance.
7. Sit back and admire your new skids

As you can see in the pictures the U-bolts stick out about an inch after being tightened down. Five more minutes with the grinder or a hacksaw would cure this for the best ground clearance.

Skid Row Control Arm Skid Plate
Finished installation
Skid Row Control Arm Skid Plate
Skid Row control arm skid installed


Skid Row Automotive
(800) 786-9249


Cole Ford

Cole Ford is a staff writer for ROCKCRAWLER.com and resides in Littleton, CO.

Contact Ford at xtremjeepn@rockcrawler.com

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