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BAM!!! Sputter...sputter...sputter...(silence).
What was that? That was the sound of your Jeep landing on a huge rock and punching a hole in your oil pan.

Didn't sound fun, dit it? Well, it certainly wouldn't be fun. Especially if you were out in the middle of nowhere when it happened.


If you're doing any kind of serious wheeling, it's only a matter of time before you crash land your Jeep down on a nasty rock and hear those above sounds. Oil pans are expensive and the tow bill and labor are even more.

We found a low-cost skid plate from Turbo City's Rock-It Parts line that should keep your oil pan safe even on the really nasty trails.

The skid plate retails at only $39.95* and comes complete with clear RTV silicone. Installation is a cakewalk.

The skid plate stays out of the way of the oil drain plug, as there is no flange on the rear, so oil changes shouldn't be a problem. According to Turbo City, the skid plate should fit just about any Jeep oil pan.

The Cakewalk...



- At the time of publication in 1999, the retail for the skid was $39.95. As of June, 2005, the retail was $75.95

- The skid lasted about 6 or 7 months before giving loose. Luckily, it was on a trail when we drove over it and no damage occurred to our Jeep or the one behind us.

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