Rubicon Express

Parts Needed:

Rubicon Express Hand Throttle Kit
- Part # RE1000 - $29.95
Jeep/MOPAR Throttle Return Spring
- Part # 52078102 - $3.00
(2) 1/4" - 20 x 1/2" bolts
(2) 1/4" lock washers
(2) 1/4" - 20 nuts
Red Lock-Tite
Misc. crimps


Thanks so much again to John Hargett in Austin, Texas for his endless after-hours mechanical help and inginuity.

You're stuck on a ledge. You're stalled. You see nothing but sky, and both of your feet are already on the clutch and brake pedals. You're holding on for dear life. You can't quite get your right heel over to the gas pedal. You're scared, too. What do you do? Well, if you have a hand throttle you squeeze that and walk over the top. If you don't have a hand throttle, you may be smart to scream for a tow strap!

Follow along as we install the Rubicon Express hand throttle in our Project TJ.

Notes: The Rubicon Express hand throttle is to be used only in off-road situations. Misuse can be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal, as the vehicle may continue driving on it's own if left in gear.

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