Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000
By Jack Brinks

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Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery WinchRamsey Winch Company just recently introduced their new Patriot Profile 12,000 pound recovery winch. Rockcrawler.com was fortunate to be one of the first to get a chance to check it out.

The Patriot Profile 12,000 includes 125 feet of 3/8” wire rope and incorporates Ramsey’s proven 3-stage planetary gear system design and a powerful 5.5 horsepower motor that provides a line speed of 29 feet per minute on the first layer of the drum. The low profile allows the winch to be mounted in a minimal amount of space, if desired, by using a solenoid box that can be mounted remotely from the winch itself. This design has been utilized by Ramsey very successfully on other winches, including the 12,000’s big brother, the Patriot Profile 15,000.

I received the new Patriot Profile 12,000 with Ramsey’s Wireless Remote control, which gives winching alternatives a wired remote cannot. With a normal wired remote, you must be no more than 12 feet away, limiting your position and view of the pull. With the wireless remote, you can be anywhere within 50 feet or more, allowing you much more flexibility, and in some cases, more safety.

Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery WinchMount Installation
To install this new winch on my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Diesel, Ramsey sent their Grill Guard kit, which requires only minor modifications to the truck itself for installation.

There is nothing complicated about the installation, but there are a few tips I can pass along. Other than that, just follow the instructions. One tip is apparently a minor difference in the 2005 model Ram over the 2003/2004 model. When measuring the air dam for the 2 notches, take care and measure twice, and cut once. The instructions say to measure from a clip at the center of the air dam. Don’t, it’s not at the center on the ’05.

To be sure, I removed the front license plate bracket and marked halfway between the holes at the middle of the air dam. Then, I used a white paint pen to outline the notches for cutting. Cutting the air dam required a combination of a utility knife and a hacksaw. In no time, I was ready to start installing the frame mounting arms.

Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery Winch
Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery Winch

If you’ve got a Diesel engine, follow the instructions to remove the 2 bolts holding the top of the oil cooler so you can lift it to gain access to the factory frame bolts.

Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery WinchNext tip: these bolts attach the front bumper reinforcement to the frame. Mark the bolt hole slots so you can get the reinforcement back in the original alignment if you happen to move it! Remove the nuts and while lifting up the oil cooler, remove the bolt assembly. It would probably be much easier to have help here, but you can do it alone if you’re careful.

Line up the appropriate arm on the inside of the frame rail and put the bolt assembly through it and then the frame and just snug down the bolts. (Note: On the 2005 Diesel, there is a sensor wire that must be relocated to install the right arm. I just tie-wrapped it securely out of the way after mounting the arm).

Like the instructions state, do not tighten anything until told to do so. After bolting together the mount assembly, you must align it prior to installing the angle bracket, which bears the weight of the mount and winch. I used my floor jack to push the right side up into position, using the tow hooks as guides. Once I was satisfied, I installed the angle brackets per the instructions.

Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery Winch
Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery Winch
Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery Winch
Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery Winch
Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery Winch
Ramsey Patriot Profile 12,000 Recovery Winch


Note: Before ordering this grill guard, please be aware that it adds 15” to the overall length of the vehicle and puts all the weight of the winch and mount (about 175 pounds) out over the front wheels. On my Dodge Diesel, it didn’t noticeably affect ride height or quality. It is a bit hard to get used to at first, because you cannot see the mount over top of the hood, and if you’re not careful, you can run into things, such as a wall or vehicle in front of you! So far, I’ve been lucky. I’ve only bumped into a steel pipe barrier in front of the local convenience store!






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