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By, Rick Jones

Put Some BEEF In Your Birfields

The day was hot and steamy here in Texas. The temperature was rising into the 100's, but I just received a set of Newfields; heavy-duty replacement Birfields to those that have not seen these new wonders, and decided to spend my afternoon installing and documenting my new toys.

C.V. Unlimited has come out with an improved Birfield, called the Newfield. The Birfield's reputation for Hard Core Land Cruiser (and other Toyota models) owners has been less than desirable as being the only weak link in a rather stout production Off-road vehicle. The Newfield head is taller, thicker and wider than the stock '76-'89 Land Cruiser fine spline Birfields. I have a 1969 FJ-40, but had done a disc brake conversion using an 85' 4-Runner front end. This enabled me to use the Newfields on my front axle. All the tools listed are required for a typical Birfield replacement minus the Air Die Grinder and stone. Since the Newfields are reinforced, a slight bit of grinding is required in the knuckle to accommodate them.

If you are planning on replacing a Birfield, have these tools ready:

2 1/8" Hub Socket
3/8" Drive Ratchet
10, 12, 14, 17mm Shallow Sockets
Flat Blade Screw Driver
Snap Ring Pliers (True Arc)
Die Grinder and Stone
Safety Glasses
Ballpeen Hammer
Multi-Purpose Wheel Bearing Grease
2 Rolls of Paper Towels
Course Thread Screw that fits the end of the Axle Shaft
Large pipe to allow the long sided axle to fit inside.
Floor Jack Jack Stands

Left: Beefier, larger Newfield
Right: Original Birfield

Click on a diagram to see a measurement comparison between the Newfield and the Birfield.
Diagram Diagram


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