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By, Mike Cohn "TXJEEPER"

Coat Your Bed! Put Herculiner on Your Truck Bed in 3 Easy Steps

HerculinerBy now, you probably realize that there must be a better way to keep your 4x4's body tub clean inside. You've taken out the carpets and removed the floorpan plugs if you had them, and have learned the joys of running a hose through your truck. But what about rust? And how do you keep things from sliding around so much?

The answer is to put some sort of bed liner in your truck. There are several types to chose from, ranging from a mere 50 bucks to as much as $600 or more. Here in the real world, we have better things to spend $600 on than a bed liner. Remember that locker you were saving for?

Bed lining on a budget was exactly what Brent Williams was looking for to go in his '78 full-size Ford Bronco. We decided that Herculiner was a great way to go and got a hold of a kit.

For just under a hundred bucks, you get just about everything you need to do your truck. The kit includes 1 gallon of bed-liner, a mini-roller handle, 2 textured rollers, a detail brush, a paint can opener, a scuff pad, and very clear instructions.

What you still need to buy:
- Can of Xylene
- Paint pan
- Masking tape
- Rubber gloves
- Drill-end paint mixer attachment


You will pretty much need a full weekend to do your project. Your best bet is to start early on Saturday morning. It took us almost three hours for preperation, alone on the Bronco. The Herculiner will need to cure overnight for at least 12 hours before you put your seats, etc. back in your truck, so that gives you Sunday to finish the project.

Follow along as we show you how easy it is to Herculine your truck bed...

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