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By, Chad Crowell

Hanson Enterprise Rear Bumper, Tire Carrier, and Cargo Rack System

Hanson Enterprise rear end systemHave you ever heard of Hanson Enterprise? There's a good chance you haven't. Even though this 4x4 parts fabrication company has been around for over 15 years, it is a well-kept secret. It could even be considered the best kept secret in the off-road world! You see, those who do know Wayne Hanson and his products, know that they are among the best designed and built parts available.

Hanson builds for all types of rockcrawling vehicles and even those too big to be regular crawlers! He specializes in Early Broncos and Jeeps, but also builds for Dodge, Ford, Chevy, and Toyota trucks. He will custom tailor his products to your specifications, or build something completely custom, if you like. Hanson has designed super-tough rocker guards, front and rear bumpers, tire carriers, roll cages, cargo racks, and a million other products you'd never think of. His designs and ideas have been adopted and adapted by many other 4x4 parts fabrication companies around the country. You never know, maybe even your bumpers were originally designed by Wayne.

 Earlier this year, I sold my old Canyon City 4x4 rear tire carrier. It served me very well for the two years that I owned it. It was strong, well-built, and never rattled. I got rid of it because my needs in a rear-end setup changed. Here is what I found that I needed in a new setup:

  • The spare tire needs to sit in closer to the rear of the Jeep. I bought the version of the CC4x4 that holds Gerry Cans, and that was good, but the tire hung off of the rear so far that it dragged on most ledges. The Hanson cargo rack can be adapted to hold cans on the sides; up and out of the way of harm.
  • Provision to carry a cargo rack. I welded together a rack and mounts on the CC4c4 rack, but it was not a stable as I would have liked. The Hanson tire carrier not only holds a cargo rack, but several innovative combinations of cargo racks. And they are very secure, with no rattling or squeaking.
  • A step bumper. I used the ConFerr Lobo rear bumper with the CC4x4 rack, and could have used a bumper to step on in some situations. The Hanson rear bumper provides ample space for stepping, standing, and placing objects on.
  • Fender protection. The Hanson rear bumper curls around the lower rear corner area, giving some protection to the sheetmetal there.
  • Approach angle. Approaching a hill and nosing up it can drag your rear bumper. The Lobo was so small that you never would hit it, and even though the Hanson bumper is much larger, it is angled on the bottom to provide maximum approach angle availability.

The Hanson rear end setup offers much more, as well. Read on, and you'll see why it is such a great combination of utility, strength and looks!

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