By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

Size: 35x12.50R15LT
Approved Rims:
Outer Diameter:
   Goodyear says 34.4"
   Ours on ground: 33.25"
   Ours on spare: 34"

Max Load:
2,535 lbs. each
Got Tread?
Tires. How much more can be said about tires that hasn't already been said? Everyone knows what the mainstays are out there. You know them...Boggers, Swampers, Baja Claws... Many of you know that on our Project TJ, we have been running the Baja Claws and a short time ago, wrote a review on them here. All of these tires are made with one thing in mind...kicking serious butt off-road. With massive, aggressive lugs, these tires grab on to anything in their path. Pick your favorite, fork over your dough and hit the trails! So why consider anything else?

But wait!!! Though those tires work great in many off-road situations, the fact is that many people, including myself, drive their trucks on the street every day. So, how do these aggressive tires fare ON the road? Typically, they are noisy, rough, cause vibration, don't balance well, and wear out quicker than radials.

Goodyear MTR and Weld Super-Single Sidewinder Goodyear MTR and Weld Super-Single Sidewinder

This is what I was faced with last summer. Between my wife and I, we put anywhere from 8 to 70 miles on the Jeep every day. The miles include suburbs, downtown, and 75mph highways. The bias-ply Baja Claws we had been running were not winning points in the comfort or noise department on the longer highway runs so we wanted to consider running a less-aggressive radial tire for our daily driving.

What I decided to do was get a set of the new 35x12.50R15LT Goodyear Wrangler MTRs to try out. The MTR is Goodyear's replacement for their previous M/T, which was a 2-ply sidewall tire with a less-aggressive tread. I figured I could wear the Goodyears daily and use them for trails, as well. I could then use the Claws when we hit the most difficult and muddy trails. At the same time, I got a hold of Weld Racing's Super-Single Sidewinder rims to mount the MTRs on. We had gone through seven of our previous American Racing AR767 steel rims and I had had enough of bending them. Feeling like our Jeep was rolling on eggs was getting old. Our TJ is overweight for a Jeep and I felt that my best option was to go with forged aluminum rims. The 10" wide Welds are rated for 2400 pounds each, so I don't think I have much of a chance of bending them!

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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Weld Racing


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