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ROCKCRAWLER reviews the new Gerber Off-Road Survival Kit


Once in a while a really neat product comes along that I find interesting. I'm sometimes a sucker for a good package of tools when looking for Jeep stuff. However, rarely do these packages include high quality parts or exactly the parts I'm looking for. Well, that's changed.

GerberOur good friends at Recovery Gear called me up one day and asked if I was familiar with Gerber and, more specifically, with Gerber's Off-Road Survival Kit. I told them that I was already the very proud owner of a Gerber Multi-Tool and that it had never let me down. In fact, I know US Army helicopter mechanics that prefer their Gerbers over the Army-issued tools. But, I was not familiar with this Off-Road kit. After describing it and looking at it on their website, I decided that I wanted to get one to check out and carry in the Project TJ.

The kit arrived and I anxiously tore open the box like it was Christmas morning. Inside was a beautiful and rugged, 600 denier polyster case which could easily fit in our rear cargo box or in another vehicle, under the seat. Two snaps keep the 12"x11"x3" case shut. Undoing the snaps allows you to unfold the case, revealing the goodies inside.

GerberSo what's in this thing, already, you're asking? The kit includes five great tools:

1) Fiskars® Folding Spade: This is the only NATO-approved spade on the market. It folds up at two joints and collapses to fit in the carrying case. When opened, there is a hand-clutch to lock the tool and keep it from folding while being used. It can also be folded to 90 degrees to be used as a pick.

Gerber2) Gerber® Sport Saw: This collapsable saw is really a great addition to our tool collection. It's extremely light-weight and it's stainless steel blade is extremely sharp. This tool is probably the main reason that Gerber includes a small First-Aid kit with the package, including bandages and Iodine. The replacable, serated blade could certainly come in handy next time we need to hack up some hose pipe or do a little branch trimming on the trails.

Gerber3) Mag-Lite® 2D Flashlight: Anyone who's ever used a Mag-Lite will surely tell you that they'll never buy another brand again. Just ask your local police officer about how rugged these flashlights are. I've used them for years and have never thrown one away. They are indispensable and because they have a focusable beam, even make for a great spotlight on those night runs through the woods and canyons.

Gerber4) Gerber® Back Paxe: Talk about a nifty little axe! This axe has a forged steel head and the handle is molded around it, so it's nearly impossible for it to fly off. If you're in the woods and need to make a campfire, this guy is just what you need.

Gerber5) Gerber® Multi-Plier 600: This is the sweetest tool in the pack. Similar to our Multi-Tool, the Multi-Lock has 13 tools lurking inside, including needle nosed pliers, knife, screwdriers, a file, can opener, and even a ruler. I'd suggest getting Gerber's belt pack for this tool and carrying it with you all the time. You'll never want to be without it!

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©1997-2010 ROCKCRAWLER 4x4 and Off-Road Magazine. All Rights Reserved.