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How long does it take you to air down your tires every time you wheel? Ok, it may not be an eternity, but it's time-consuming and it's also a drag flipping your tire gauge over to check pressure every couple pounds to see where you're at. Well, Currie's got a cure!

Currie Tire Deflator

We decided we wanted to check out the Currie Tire Deflator so we gave Leon Rosser a call and had one sent out right away. When you look at it, it's hard to figure out exactly what's supposed to be done to air the tire down, so we did a step-by-step report. The concept is actually pretty simple. When you attach the deflator to your valve stem, it actually pulls the stem's core out, allowing the air to rush out. Heck, it's so fast, that we aired down three Jeeps in the time that one other Jeep was still doing his the old-fashioned way! See you on the trails!

Ok......Off to the How-To!!!

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