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Cobra Electronics UK75ST CB Radio

Editor's note: This story comes to us from the UK. Cobra sells a similar model in the US. The installation and performance should not vary much.

Cobra CBAt long last, Cobra Electronics has developed a C.B. radio that was designed with the TJ in mind. As many of you may have found, there are not many places in a TJ to mount a CB. The Cobra UK75ST (US model 75ST) is ideal for the job. As you can see from the photo, the the controls are in the mic. itself. The small gray box is the only part you have to mount and make connections to. The box contains the aerial, power supply and an external speaker. Although the rig's speaker is in the mic., I have not yet found it necessary to use an external speaker so far!

The mic. contains all of the controls, including the on/off volume control, squelch control, and channel selector. The instruction manual that comes with the rig explains all the controls very well for the first time user. This rig features the SoundTracker system, which as the manual says "dramatically eliminates annoying static to deliver crisp, clear sound quality" and it does! Another feature of this rig is that it has the 40 UK FM channels and the 40 European channels.


Cobra CBOther features include
* One-touch Channel 19
* Full-Featured LCD Display Panel
* Key Lock
* Channel Saver Circuitry
* Dual Watch Channel Monitor
* Full Channel Scan
* Five Memory Locations
* Quick Disconnect




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