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Too cheap to buy quick disconnects for your front swaybar? Look no further! So is Frank Foster! Frank found a great way to make his own low-budget quick disconnects for his TJ for only $4.60.



Tine Pins:
2 x $2.07 (Lowe's)


Pin Clips:
2 x $.32




Cheap Disco

The first step is to remove the stock bolt on the bottom of each swaybar link, using a T55 Torx bit and a wrench.

Cheap Disco

The tine pin is a 1/2" x 2". I had to grind it down, using my trusty Dremel Tool, to reduce the diameter. It wouldn't quite slide through the link's bushing. The grinding is what took the install time up to an hour. You'll have a set for each side.

Cheap Disco

Cheap Disco

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