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When All J Products sent me out my set of Boulder Bars they basically told us to play hard on them. They said they seriously doubted we could ruin them. Those who know me know I can break just about anything, so I tried to break the Boulders Bars...I tried hard.


Boulder BarsFor over two years, since I first got the Project TJ, I had run nerf bars. It took quite a long time to do it, but I finally had dented up the nerfs pretty badly.

The Boulder Bars mount nice and flush under the Jeep and mount to the frame. They stick out from the body tub just enough to be used as a step if you need to get up on them. Being lifted six inches, we certainly like having something to stick our foot on when climbing in.

Mounting of the Boulder Bars is simple. There are three mounting flanges that use 11 bolts to hold each bar on. If you have an existing step on your Jeep, you will need to remove it, as the bars use the pre-existing 4 holes for the center support. The rest of the holes you will need to drill and bolt on. Pretty simple and straight forward, really.

Boulder BarsAs we said, All J Products seemed pretty proud of the bars and their strength and construction, so we decided to put them to the test. The first trails we did were Moab's new Heldorado and Ken's Lake Trails. These are serious hardcore trails. You don't head out unless you're well setup and well armored. Then, still, you better be prepared for some damage.

Well, on Heldorado, the TJ got into a couple spots where we had to really hit it hard to get over obstacles. A couple of those spots we could tell we were on our Boulder Bars, so we hit it especially hard (hey, gotta test them, right). We slammed them and slammed them and then slammed them some more. After the trail we got out and looked them over.

The end result? Nothing wrong. The bars did their job and did it well. Not a dent on them! The only thing we managed to do to them was scratch the powder coat off. Big deal. Nothing a little paint can't fix! The bottom line, is we came, we tested, and the Boulder Bars passed with flying colors. Git ya' some.

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