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When we go 'wheeling we know very well something could break on our rigs. It's just part of the game. Certain parts of the rig can and should be upgraded either after they are damaged or as, simply, a preventative measure.

In November, I was leading trails at Fort Hood Army Base in Fort Hood, TX. I decided to take the Rockcrawler Project TJ over some really nasty, sharp, boulders. Crawling my way up, I felt the Jeep start to hit something. While about 20 people stood around in silence, I asked the only person nearby if I was hitting my drive shaft or my skid plate. Nervously, and unsure, she said "skid plate." Well, I kept going and at the top took a look at my skid plate. The skid plate was fine, but the front drive shaft was badly dented in two spots and bent like a banana. Doh!

Luckily, the Project TJ has Warn lock-outs in front, so I simply unlocked them and drove home without incident. I called my friend, Tom Wood while he was at Six States Distributors, in Ogden, Utah for help. (Please note that Tom now has his own shop at www.4xshaft.com) Tom promptly built me a new drive shaft. What I received less than a week later wasn't a drive shaft...it was a work of art! I mean this thing is suitable for framing!

Front Shaft

The shaft is extremely heavy duty and features all Spicer components. Six States will, for an extra few bucks, clear coat or paint your shaft to your choice of colors. I chose the clear coat, so it would match the shaft Tom built me in the rear.

PinionHow much more about a driveshaft can you really say? The shaft features a slider, just like the stock one. Six States does everything they can to insure that your shaft is exactly what you want. Their site and their magazine advertisements have measuring instructions and pictures to chose your shaft from. They also keep your measurements on file so if you do actually manage to break your shaft, they can rebuild it easily.

C/VThe Six States shafts can either be built as direct replacements for your OEM shaft or built to any custom configurations. They are, of course, also spin-balanced to be sure they are worthy, both on and off-road.
Six States
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