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New Power Tank Accessories

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

Power TankIn a previous article, we discussed the benefits of having a Power Tank. Our 10 pound Power Tank has been one of the most useful accessories we've ever had. We carry it on trail rides for quick airing up, both after the trailing is over, and for fixing blown tire beads and flat tires. Around the house, our Power Tank has also become indispensable as a quiet and instant air source for running power tools, blowing dirt and dust from projects, and for quick air-drying of wet parts. It's uses are just too many to list here.

We loved our original Power Tank so much that when the newer black tanks came out, we decided to keep our old tank and use the new one as our primary tank. Having two tanks, of course, is better than one. We can either rotate them into the Jeep when one gets low or we can run them both down and get fill-ups at the same time. Our CO2 dealer fills each tank for a mere $5.

Our main tank (PT10B) is fitted with the standard Power Tank SuperFlow regulator (SFRK-150), which uses a knob to adjust the variable output pressure of the tank. This setup retails for $329.99. Though we typically run our tank in the 120-150psi range, running it at lower pressures can be useful for more subtle jobs that do not require as high pressure. This can help you save CO2 for other jobs that do require more.

This year, Advanced Air Systems released a new Power Shot SuperFlow regulator (PSFK-150), which is a stripped-down version of the Power Tank SuperFlow. This model does not have the tank volume and pressure gauges, nor does it have the adjustment knob. The PSFK-150 is preset to 150psi outlet pressure with 130psi flow pressure, so there is no fiddling with an adjuster knob and no gauges to worry about. The Power Shot SuperFlow can also be ordered with a ten pound Power Tank (PS-10B) for $289.99.

PowerTank Power Shot
New Power Shot SuperFlow regulator PSRK-150
PowerTank Power Shot
Regulator installed. Use plenty of Teflon tape

We decided that we'd use our Power Tank SuperFlow regulator on our new black tank and install the Power Shot SuperFlow regulator on our older, spare tank. Installation is a snap. Simply attach it to the tank and tighten the nut and your done. Though the main nut attachment to the tank itself does not require any Teflon tape, we do recommend using quite a bit of tape in all coupler fittings to ensure leak-proof seals.

PowerTank Power Shot
New tank with Power Tank SuperFlow (left)
PowerTank Power Shot
Older tank with new Power Shot SuperFlow regulator (right)

If you feel that the extras of the SFRK-01 are not needed and that you plan to run your tank wide open, then the Power Shot SuperFlow regulator is the ticket for you. Its simplicity and lower price make it a good alternative to the Power Tank SuperFlow. The Power Tank SuperFlow retails for $199.99 and the Power Shot Superflow retails for $159.99.

Keeping it Oiled
If you're like me, you're always too busy or just plain lazy to get around to oiling your air tools. Like it would kill us to actually put a little oil in them to ensure a long life. Well, once again, Advanced Air Systems have come to the rescue with the Auto Tool Oiler (ATO-150).

Auto Tool Oiler
The Auto Tool Oiler
Auto Tool Oiler
The reservoir hold 5cc of lubricating oil

The Auto Tool Oiler is used in-line between your air hose and your tools. You simply fill it's 5cc reservoir and you're done. We attached ours to our Power Tank's air hose with a quick-release coupler at the tool end. If we had another coupler handy, we would have also attached one to the hose itself. But for now, we have attached the air tank end directly. Like the regulator above, we used plenty of Teflon tape to ensure a good seal.

Auto Tool Oiler
Fill the reservioir and tighten the lid
Auto Tool Oiler
Use plenty of Teflon tape to ensure a tight seal

Once hooked up, the Auto Tool Oiler allows air to flow from the tank, through a filter and then into your air tools. The filtered air passes through an anodized aluminum body, where it picks up a small amount of oil before exiting through a 4" Durathane hose. The oiled air then goes into your tools, keeping them nicely lubricated.

Auto Tool Oiler
Every time you use your tool, the ATO will lubricate it
Auto Tool Oiler
Bubbles in the tube show that there is still oil in the reservoir

That's all there is to it. You'll never have to expend all that extra effort it takes to oil your tools. Better yet, you'll never forget and neglect them. The ATO-150 retails for $44.99 and is money very well spent if you have expensive air tools.

Advanced Air Systems
2214 Babson Drive
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Phone: (916) 691-6806



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