Trail Communications
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Trail Communications

By, Stu Olson N7QJP

Trail Communications

Being able to communicate with other vehicles on the trail, or with someone back home, has never been easier. Today's technology has given us the means to equip ourselves with a variety of radios that are both affordable and reliable. This article will highlight several of the more commonly available types and provide you with some helpful information, should you decide to inventory your "trail comm" equipment for a possible upgrade.

Even though trail communications can be unreliable at times, it is something you should strongly consider adding to your vehicle if you have not done so already. Note that the lack of reliability is not in construction or quality of the radio, but rather that all of them are dependent on factors that are sometimes outside of your direct control. Terrain, transmit power level, and ionospheric propagation (how the radio waves travel through the air) are just a few of the things that can influence your ability to successfully communicate with another person.

We'll discuss four main types of devices in this article:
Cell phones, CB radios, FRS/GMRS radios, and ham radios


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